So glad you asked! No you do not.

The nature of the experiment is to determine whether you intrinsically value a work/are willing to pay whenever if you’re enjoying it, or whether you will only pay for access to a work–and once access is gained, you won’t pay anymore. I’m wondering whether, with digital stuff, we can try a different method.

So, you can:

  1. pay up front, if you value the work in itself and want to demonstrate that;
  2. download the book, start reading and pay once you know you’re enjoying it etc.  This would probably be me, to be honest. I’d give it a try, and if I liked it, I’d probably pay once I was a little ways in, but before I had finished reading. If you’re like me and would generally pay once you knew you were enjoying it, then I suggest you read at least the first three chapters before you ante up. By the end of the third chapter (also the end of the first act), the story has progressed enough that you’ll know the general direction of where it’s going. The early chapters involve a few changes of circumstance for the characters, and so assuming from chapter 1 or 2 that you’re going to like the whole thing might be a bit premature;
  3. read the whole thing and decided then.