An Immodest ProposalYESSS! So the book is up. Exciting or what?!

Feel free to toddle on over, so you can download and save the pdf for FREE (insert exciting “Price is Right” music here).


And, if you do enjoy, I hope you’ll pay.*

I’ll be blogging about the results, if any, on an ongoing basis.

*As mentioned in the book, all three of the formats available on lulu are priced in order to provide me with a creator revenue of between $1.50 and $2.50 per book. The pricing starts at $3 or so for the pdf (and gets a cut for hosting the book on their site, handling the payment stuff and sending me a cheque). It’s a bit higher for the ebook, and then print is ~$13 plus shipping. I really like this because it’s transparent. You know what I’m getting and what the printer/ebookstore is getting in each case. This way, there’s no danger of someone buying the print book on the assumption that I’ll get a larger cut for that book than I do for the pdf. I don’t–it’s just the cost of materials and assembly that raises the price. Print is just proffered as an option in case you happen to prefer print and don’t mind paying the extra for that convenience. Simple as that!