I’m live on Amazon with An Immodest Proposal–so exciting (*doing a happy dance*)! I have had to redraft my download page to make it clear that the pdf edition is different to what is being offered for pay (format and some content) because I’ve heard that Amazon will match their price to the lowest elsewhere (even if that’s free) and that would skew my experiment terribly.

So, yes, they’re different. And you can still download the pdf edition.

Still, I’m super excited about being on Amazon and having my book available for the kindle–check it out just for the sake of it, if you get a chance! And if you happen to have read the novel, I’d really love it if you could post a little comment about it–or even just put in a star rating. I think this will help people find the book.

Regardless, this feels very, very cool. What a world we live in.

The Kindle download (US store).

My Author Page (just cause it’s so dang fabulous to have one). I tried to find a picture that was kind of “authorial”.