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Just back from a visit home/holiday–so in a way, it seems like an odd time to post a milestones column, as I haven’t been doing much. I managed to write up one post for this blog while I was gone, and that’s about it.

Still, there are some exciting things to report!

While I was away, I was asked to do a guest blog post for Turtleduck Press, a collective and publishing company that I hope to profile on this blog sometime in the near future (either with a guest post or by doing a write up myself about their publishing model). My guest post will go live at the Turtleduck site on Tuesday, Sept. 13–exciting! If you get a chance, do cruise on by and check it out (I will post a link to it on this blog, when it goes live)–and have a look around the site while you’re at it. They’ve been around, doing a collective-based variation on the self-publishing undertaking, for longer than I have, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more about their experiences in a tba guest post!

My friend Robert Francis, who also happens to be an astute and active follower of a wide variety of current issues, including questions around the longevity of print, the emergent self-publishing models and the question of ebooks, wrote a recent post about self-publishing that featured yours truly, on his blog, fallofprint.com. Very cool–not only was it lovely to read all the nice things he said about me (heh), but it was also really interesting to see his take on the self-pub venture. His blog is definitely worth checking out and exploring.

A final newsworthy development of the hearts and bones variety is that I got my first review at the amazon store, posted by Julie Bernhardt! So exciting!!

Beyond that, after a rather gratifying month of sales in August (cracked 100 sales on the last day of the month), September has been slow. Am I to infer that the books have once more dropped off some secondary, moderate-circulation list that causes them to pop up in potential readers’ views occasionally, as they browse Amazon? Or, is it just that several of the main romance reading audiences–e.g. moms with school age kids, students, etc.–would be busy doing other things like getting their schedules ready for the school term and the busy autumn season, or in the case of students, moving into their dorms, starting school, doing academic reading and attending keggers? Plausible, but of course, it’s all a guessing game. I could read many a different thing into the numbers.

The coming weeks promise to be busy, as I rise to the challenge of posting regularly, keeping up with my own school work (looks like I’ll be in all paper courses this term–but I’m hoping to pace myself better, to avoid a dismal two or three weeks at the end of the term…) and getting Konstantin’s Gifts ready for publication!