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Yay! I feel all vindicated, now. Last month, I wrote a post talking about the backlist–which in the digital context translates into the idea of having multiple titles out there–and the importance of “repeat customers”. I figured that as with traditional publishing, in which the publishing houses broke even and began to accrue profits only as the author wrote multiple titles and developed a backlist, an indie author will manage to do decently when he or she has multiple titles available (with the perpetual caveat that said titles are engaging, well-written, well-plotted etc. enough to have readers coming back for more. Putting up your unedited NaNoWriMo novels, complete with intact passages from when you did all those word wars during the all night write-ins isn’t necessarily going to bear out this theory. I know. I’ve got several such manuscripts, and they aren’t pretty–great concepts, but boy do they need fixing).

Dean Wesley Smith recently wrote a post in which he came to a very similar conclusion about volume and sales. So you know, don’t just take my word for it–check out his blog and read all his persuasive reasoning on the topic, too!