The cover art for my upcoming short story anthology is in–and it looks fantastic! Thanks to Kit Foster for his amazing work on these pieces.

As an aside, Kit was absolutely wonderful to work with. I’m not great with ground-up conceptions of visual composition etc, and so I really relied on him–I basically gave him excerpts, synopses and a few other descriptors, and he went with them, coming up with general concept images, that then evolved, via our correspondence, into the final covers that I’ve posted here.

I especially love his visually striking style and the crisp clarity of the images. Another priority was on the one hand having a uniform “look” across the two titles, while at the same time having each look distinctive and evoke the mood of the story it illustrates. Kit rose to the challenge fantastically and with consummate professionalism. Bottom line: if you’re looking for a cover artist, definitely check out his work and see if it’s right for your project. You’ll certainly be seeing more covers by Kit in these environs, going forward…

So why two covers?

My plan is to release the five-story anthology (which clocks in at about 40,000 words, actually. Several of the stories were longer than I remembered!) at $2.99, while also releasing Don Coyote and Persephone’s Library (both of which are in the anthology as well) as individual short stories, at the $.99 price point. So each of the covers will be used in conjunction with the individual short story’s release. But then, I’ll also be using one of the covers to illustrate the anthology as a whole.

I’m so excited about these two covers that I just don’t know how to decide between them for the anthology. What are your thoughts? Which of these covers makes you want to click through to see what the story is about, and maybe read an excerpt?