Wow–a busy few months! Not only has school started up again (final year! w00t! Though in truth, I love studying, and am actually a little sad to see the end of it.), but I had ambitious plans to try to release 1-2 of my queued up, forthcoming titles.

So, what are some of the great things that have happened these past two months?

  • I released my story collection, Persephone’s Library (Smashwords and Amazon), and a free download of the first novella in it, Don Coyote de la Merika (free on Smashwords, .99 on Amazon. I therefore recommend going to Smashwords for the download!), pretty much on schedule (this surprised me, to be honest. I was sure this release would slip, what with the demands of school!).
  • I’ve got a feature at for my romance sales. I was really delighted by this because I’ve found The K. Scribbler’s site so helpful in the past, in getting a sense of the wide range of sales and figures that different people have experienced at different stages in their Kindle publishing experiences. I had found it really encouraging when I was putting the romances up, to know that there was such a range, and that any level of sales was great! So, having a feature up there was pretty dang cool for me.
  • Jen Miller was kind enough to do an interview on her lovely blog, AND run a giveaway of my Regency Romance, An Immodest Proposal. The contest runs till November 3rd, 2011! This was really exciting for me, as I’d never done anything like it before!
  • I was also featured in a recent post at the Fall of Print! My friend Robert Francis, over at Fall of Print had done a previous post in early September about self-publishing, and had discussed some of my experiences by way of an illustrative example. I was really thrilled by this follow-up post, yesterday, as Fall of Print covers a lot of the key issues, challenges, and points of discussion in the e-pubbing and self-pubbing arenas!
  • The debut of a new cover for An Immodest Proposal! Love it. And in the last couple of days, after weeks of distressingly flat sales, a very small uptick in the wake of my upload of the cover image at the various sites! How cool is that?!
  • I now, at long last, have a presence on Goodreads! That seemed more complicated than it needed to be–but it may well have just been me, at the end of a long day! If you’re on there, please do head on over and add me as a friend (I have not yet figured out how one does this, but I imagine it’s pretty straightforward??!).
  • I don’t know if I featured this previously, but I also have a Facebook page. Still working out how to use that one, too!
  • as a little aside, I also ordered a very cool new skin for my phone, featuring the wonderful Kit Foster’s artwork! Can’t wait for that to arrive–I’ll post up a pic when it does!
Hope this finds all of you well and thriving!