Ah, the first day of the month–always a Sad Thing, when I cruise through the Kindle channels to find that all my monthly stats have been zeroed once more. Though, I note that Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy now also have my work available for sale. Given that my grand total number of European sales currently stands at two, I suspect that as indie author Joseph Robert Lewis so aptly put it, this additional availability undoubtedly just means that they will now be able to “more actively ignore my books” in Italy and Spain.

A couple of things worth noting from the past month, however:

1. On Smashwords, when you filter by “Sci-Fi”, “highest rated” and “free ebooks”, Don Coyote comes up on the first screen. Thanks to those of you reading this, who were kind enough to post a review of the story and bring it forward in the listings! I really appreciate your taking the time to do this, and it has definitely helped!

2. My sales numbers, which were at their lowest in October, blipped up slightly for November. Still slow, but it was heartening to see the slight rise, at least.

And otherwise, alas, I am swamped with school work and other such demands. The progress on getting Konstantin’s Gifts ready for publication has been glacial to non-existent. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it feels oh-so-distant at the moment. Still, I’ll keep plugging away.

And in the meanwhile fabulous readers, stay tuned over the next couple of weeks!

  • This weekend I will feature the cover reveal for Konstantin’s Gifts (exciting!). By way of a “teaser”, I’ll say that the new header for this blog, featuring fire and forest, provides an advance peek… The full reveal will have to wait till the weekend, however, so do stop by and check it out!
  • The week after, I will be featuring a guest blog post from a friend who is involved with an indie press that uses a co-operative model. I’m really looking forward to her thoughts and reflections on the process and on indie publishing in general. It should be a very interesting read!