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In our modern life of electronic devices both wonderful and infernal (depending on who’s doing the talking), it’s a caution we’re used to getting. The telltale beep, or simply the warning image on our smartphones: a thin, red band showing that the battery in our device is almost out of juice. We need to plug in, recharge and restore.

That’s been me of late–and I’m not talking about warnings from my innumerable gadgets. Something deep inside me has been giving me low battery warnings for a while, thanks to the demands of law school, a Christmas “vacation” that involved trying to get my novel ready for publication, editing work for an important charity I’m involved with, preparation for the mock trial “moot” that I’d be doing in January for school, and wonderful, delightful visits with friends and family out west. The visits were such a joy, but for an introvert like me, they also took their toll (I’m using “introvert” in the Meyers-Briggs sense, as someone like me, who may love people and being social, but who recharges during solitary moments).

Our trip south over reading week was meant to address the issue. But, those of you who’ve read my past posts, know that fate had other plans. Thank goodness my father-in-law is okay, and recovering spectacularly well. Still, a reading week of tension, worry, and long hours in hospital waiting rooms wasn’t precisely the replenishing getaway I was hoping for. At the end, I plunged back into school feeling more depleted than ever–and and wondering how the hell I’m going to get through the months ahead, ramping up for finals, and then doing prep for the bar exam. We’re also taking courses on a series of weekends that are part of the legal requirements/prerequisites to qualify us for adopting, so there’s no down time on the weekends, either.

And so, when it came time last week to write a post for this blog, I just couldn’t think of anything. Blank. Nada (I was also in the throes of a very long assignment that was due yesterday).

At any rate, I suspect that while the details might vary, we’re all pretty familiar with this feeling of deep exhaustion and depletion. Life is busy and we humans certainly do excel at making it complicated (as a law student, I can attest to how complicated we like to make even the simplest of transactions!).

But the depressing thing is: I’m actually not sure how I’m going to manage it all. It’s dispiriting to admit this, but again, I expect we’ve all been there, and had those moments when, looking ahead at the coming weeks, we’ve wondered how we’re going to get through it all.

And so, over the next weeks, I’ll be actively seeking ways to replenish, as and when I can. I begin by appealing to you, my fantastic readers: if you have tried and true methods that you use to replenish your depleted reserves of energy (of particular use would be a method that can be done during spare moments. I feel like at this stage, I can’t really afford to drop any of the balls I have in the air–they’re either important for me personally, or important for my career and future–which is indirectly important for me personally too, of course!). So if you know of any tips that help you recharge–even just a little bit–and that take only a few moments in a busy day, I’d love to hear (feel free to drop me an email, if you’re not so much into comments: writer [dot] katanthony [at] gmail [dot] com).