When I’ve wanted to procrastinate, one of my techniques for prolonging idleness has been to phrase search my book titles (sometimes with authorname) on google. This has led to my finding reviews etc. on some occasions (that’s my justification, anyway). Once again, my little procrastination bid has turned up a pirate–this time of one of my contemporary romances, which is currently a top seller in my catalogue (it sounds so cool and important, calling it a “catalogue”, when about 8 months ago it was “the folder of word documents on my computer”).

As I mentioned in the previous discussions and comments about this issue, I’ve decided to just leave it be, going forward. As I have time, I’ll be changing the files for all my books to make some comment about supporting indie authors, and urging the reader to buy a copy of some of my other books if they like this one. But ultimately, the decision will be up to the reader.

I’m at peace with that–at least for now. Who knows what I might think about the issue in a year or two? The core factors at the heart of so many of these debates are changing  so rapidly that the overall model itself is still in flux, I would say. But for now, I’m good.

Still, I’ll admit that it helps that this lated pirated work is a book I wrote a while ago, and so I don’t have the same closeness to it as I do to Konstantin’s Gifts (which I also worked a lot harder on, I’ll admit–research, story arcs, the whole bit).