Falconer Hall, on the morning of my last day of law school.

Today was my last day of classes. Exams are still ahead, but this is the last day of the main routine–the notes, the readings and the daily life of a student.

I’m really going to miss it. Not all of it, of course. Not the deliverables–the arbitrary exams and essays that we all have to write as indicators of our learning. But the learning itself–that I love. I have loved the engagement with the world of ideas–both inside and outside of the classroom.

I have loved the discussions with my fellow students, both about stuff from class, but also about world events. I don’t know how much time I’ll have, as a full-time lawyer, to engage with questions of policy, law, and politics, that I’ve been able to do here. I’ve loved having the opportunity to discuss these issues with my classmates, so many of whom are not merely well informed, but also deeply engaged by such questions. It will never be this effortless to hang out with this particular group of fun and interesting people–from now on, it will take planning.

Law school has its stresses, no question, and first year in particular was insane. But the upper years of law school have been different. It’s been a good way to live (aside from the whole being broke and deeply in debt from tuition part, of course). Today marks the end of this chapter of my life. I’m definitely going to miss it, and will be thinking back on it with fondness and with awareness of how lucky I’ve been to have gotten to study this material at this great school, with these amazing fellow students and profs.

And so begins the push–through exams and final essays, followed by the weeks of bar exam prep. Wish me luck!