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About the Blog

I update this blog o’ mine when I can (see below re: the Day Job), often with commentaries or observations about story, character, theme etc. in pop culture. Many of my posts have to do with the latest television series or film that I’ve watched, and that has gotten me thinking about life, the world, and the mysterious ways in which the stories we tell each other compel us and weave their way into our collective culture. I also ruminate on process (writing, thinking, living) and on experience (day-to-day anecdotes as well as travels). If you like what you read, and are interested in getting notice of when I post, do consider following the blog or subscribing for email updates.

Bio: The Short Version

I am a lawyer by day and writer when I can fit it in. Kathryn Anthony is one of two pseudonyms I use for my fiction writing and as Kat Anthony, I have written two Regency Romances: An Immodest Proposal and The Clarendon Rose (the link takes you to my Amazon author page), an anthology of post-apocalyptic sf, the first novella of which is available as a free download, an anthology of myth and folklore-themed stories, and Konstantin’s Gifts, which is an historical fantasy.

The Detailed Bio

I am a writer, editor, and lawyer. For a number of years, I wrote romance and struggled to break into the field as a published writer. I had just completed, and was shopping around my second Regency-era Historical romance, when I suffered a series of personal, non-writing-related crises. By the time I had picked myself up and started processing everything that had happened, I had come to the realisation that perhaps romance writing wasn’t for me.

The irony is that this latest novel that I had been sending around had garnered enough interest from agents (I didn’t submit to any publishers) that I suspected that if I kept sending it around, it might actually have gotten somewhere. But I didn’t want to write romance anymore. Now, the industry is such that any agent or publisher will take a risk on a first time writer, on the assumption that as she publishes more and creates a “backlist”, she’ll start making back the advances they paid out for her early books. Given that, selling a single romance and then announcing that I wasn’t doing that anymore, would be a waste of any good agent or publisher’s time. I wasn’t interested in that.

So, I took it off the market, and uploaded it to lulu.com, so I could order a copy of it for myself, and “retire” it, so to speak (I also uploaded and ordered copies of my earlier books as well, all of which I am fond). I ordered the copy, stuck the hard copy on my shelf and forgot about it.

I wrote SF/F. The first story I wrote after making the decision to change genres, sold to an anthology–a good sign. A while later, I had a computer crash and lost my cover files for the novels I had uploaded. So I signed into lulu to grab copies from there, and found, Lo! and behold, people had been buying the books I had uploaded. How cool was that?!

That was when a friend suggested I upload the book to the Kindle store. When I had notification that the book was live–and that several copies had sold in the days since I had uploaded it–I was astonished. That’s what prompted me to upload the other books I had written. Within two weeks, I had exceeded the number of sales I had made on lulu–by a considerable number.

Since then, several of the books I uploaded have gone on to Amazon bestsellerdom and generated some nice pocket change. But mainly, it’s great to see the books being downloaded and read. I was even more delighted to discover repeat customers and to hear from people who had read the books and enjoyed them.

Most of these adventures in publishing took place while I was in law school. Now that I’m all growed up and a full time lawyer, time is considerably scarcer. But, I plug away at it, and try to clear small pockets of space in my day in which I can write. Much though I love writing (and I do love it), it doesn’t always happen, because the lawyering comes first (not just because of the extrinsic motivator of income, but also because I practice in family law, and if I don’t prioritize that work, then people don’t get to see their kids, or get support to pay their bills, or do end up stuck in the limbo that is the “division of property” hell of divorce for far longer than necessary).

If you have comments, questions, or want to tell me your thoughts, feel free to drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you! I’m at: writer [dot] katanthony [at] gmail [dot] com. If you’re more of a twitter type, I’m at @writekatanthony.

13 thoughts on “About / Contact”

  1. I, too, have a backlist of two books that I published with a small publisher. I sold a few books but nothing to write home about. I got the rights back and uploaded them, plus new ones to Kindle/Nook/Smashwords and have sold more in the last few months than I did for years! I write in different genres, too but I prefer writing Young Adult. I now have ten books uploaded! And more on the way!!!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story! It’s wonderful to hear that the independent avenues of e-book distribution has worked out so well for your books–and that you’re writing, with more books on the way! Feel free to share a website where people can go and check out the books you have available (but no obligation).

      It’s a very exciting time for writers. For a while, I was sad that my dream of publishing with one of the big houses wasn’t going to come true, but ultimately, it’s just so empowering to take control of one’s own career and steer one’s own course! Best of luck on future sales for your current and future titles!

  2. Thanks, my website is: http://www.gaelicfairie.webs.com

    I am on Twitter as: @kathleea

    My author page on Facebook is: Witch Hunter https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Witch-Hunter/142372955812353

    Guest blogger every Wednesday on http://www.downtownya.blogspot.com

  3. Wow, what an inspiring story. To think you gave up writing romance… that was a bold move.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emily! I may still dabble in romance again from time to time (never say never), but I just love the depth, potential, and scope of sf/f–so that’s where I’m gonna stay for the next little while, methinks.

      Good luck with the book launch of The Fairy Tale Trap! Exciting times!

  4. Hi Kat, It’s interesting to hear of your eBook experience.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a cartoon eBook, but have been intimidated by the confusing content of “info” around the web on the topic.

    How to do it all yourself – Or how to have a company do it all – Or a mixture of those two ???

    I haven’t researched it since last July, so maybe I should start again and see what fresh info is written about it. Could be less complex these days.

    Anyhow,,, I hope the word spreads on you eBooks and sales become an avalanche for you.




    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind wishes, Mick!

      I agree–it can be bewildering. I would suggest thinking about what parts of the process are important to you and how you tend to work (if you haven’t already) and using that to guide your approach to self-pubbing.

      So for instance, I tend to like to do the stuff myself. I enjoy having control over cover image, and have found the challenge of “branding” and so on to be great fun! I am also a bit picky, and if I find a typo or problem, I really want to fix it asap–I don’t want to email someone then wait until he or she has time to do it. I’d rather be empowered to be able to make those changes myself, as soon as I can. Now that I know how, it takes only a little more effort to fix something like that than it would to ask someone else to do it (more effort, but not a lot more). Similarly, while I undoubtedly will make mistakes with layout and the like, I like knowing how to do it myself, because then I have that ability to fix it.

      One area where I have outsourced is cover illustration, layout and design. That is outside of my skill set and I don’t want to spend the time to try (emphasis on try) to acquire that ability–I’d rather be writing or doing related promo etc. AS well, because I write in multiple genres, I would need a good deal of versatility to try to get the right “look” for the different types of books I’m writing–the things that will signal to readers of the relevant sub-genre that this is something they might like. So, by outsourcing all that, I’m able to work with cover artists who have talents in the particular sub-genre I’m aiming for.

      It’s all to do with personality, basically, and what is important to you. If you just want it out there, then think about outsourcing more. If you want oversight of specific things but not others, see about what kind of hybrid you’d like to craft.

      I hope this helps, Mick. Good luck with it all! I’ve followed your blog and look forward to charting your progress! 😀

  5. Thanks for all the tips and thoughts, Kat, appreciated.

    I can see the advantage of keeping control with a written book, but maybe it’s not so essential with a book of themed cartoons. Dunno !!

    Just like the majority of us, time is my main enemy. Marketing is my weakest point, so that’s certainly where I’d need to outsource. Compiling into the right shape and file format could also be a bit time consuming.

    Creating and drawing the cartoons is (for me) the easiest part, so maybe I should just stick to that and farm the rest of it out.

    All good food for thought, so I’ll see where the next few months lead me.

    Cheers and thanks again.


    • Mick, good luck with it! Time is always the challenge–I must agree. Best of luck with it all. Your question inspired me to write a blog post yesterday, after responding to your comment–it should go live next week.

      All the best, and I hope things start to come clear re: the best route to take, in the weeks and months to come…

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