My Writing: Romance

Regency Historical Romances

An Immodest Proposal

It was supposed to have been a celebration of her upcoming nuptials–a ball to which all the lights of London society had been invited. Instead, Sophia Lamott must smile, curtsey and pretend she hasn’t just been jilted by her long-standing fiancé. When the relentless sympathy becomes unbearable, Sophie takes refuge in the privacy of the library and resolves to get good and drunk.

But things get out of hand. Before she knows it, she’s being kissed by the most exciting man she has ever met. She must then face up to “the Summer Wildfires”–malicious gossips who would delight in dragging Sophie’s name through the muck–and convince them they only imagined the dark, mysterious stranger they saw disappearing into the shadows.

And then, there is the morning after to contend with…

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The Clarendon Rose

Word spread through the countryside like the whisper of the wind through the branches of the trees: he’s back.

The prodigal son had returned.

But that was one of the few things the rumors could agree upon. Some claimed he was a changed man—ready, finally, to shoulder the responsibilities that he had shirked for so many years. Others claimed that any apparent changes were merely a ruse—once a ne’er do well, always a ne’er do well. And the new duke had been far worse than a ne’er do well: he had been a rake, a degenerate and a scoundrel.

The other thing that everyone agreed upon, whether tenant, servant or villager, was that it was a fine thing that Miss Tina had finally gotten engaged to Lord Edmund. That, at least, would keep her safe from the prodigal’s degeneracy—for surely even the duke could not have sunk so low as to seduce his own brother’s betrothed!

Valentina Merriweather remembers all too well the dark, broodingly handsome duke from years earlier, when he had come to visit his family estates. Now, back from his wild travels to the far reaches of the earth, he is darker and more tortured than ever. Tina soon finds that she is attracted to him with an urgency that spells danger for her peace of mind, her conscience, and for the most valuable commodity that a genteel woman of her murky lineage and meagre fortune possesses: her reputation.

Free excerpts are available for download or online viewing at both Amazon and Smashwords.

Amazon Kindle format: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany.

Smashwords: Pretty much every other format (nook, sony, etc.).

iBooks: Now available.

Lulu: Print.

4 thoughts on “My Writing: Romance”

  1. I bought an Immodest Proposal 🙂 Looking forward to it


    • Thanks so much Lily–I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy the read. 😀

      • I did enjoy it, it was very interesting the way mental illness was handled without a direct label, and of course the romance was exciting! I do wonder about what happened with Kassie


  2. Oh wow! That was fast. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the issues didn’t have names at the time, so it was sometimes a challenge to write around the manifestations without naming the condition directly.

    I hope to make Kassie’s story the future subject of a book. I have the grand brush strokes in mind, but still need to work out the details. Thanks again for giving it a read!

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