Konstantin’s Gifts

Imprisoned and tortured by her sadistic owner, Vasya soon discovers that the daily “medicine” she has been ingesting has changed her in strange and profound ways.  She has become abnormally strong, and cuts heal within hours, rather than days. Most disturbingly of all, she finds that during the three nights of the full moon, her face can inspire a deep and abiding obsession in any man who glimpses it. Dare she use her newfound power to rescue her brother and escape from the shackles of serfdom?

In a land where aristocrats count their fortunes by the number of souls they own, and the creatures of folklore and nightmare are as real as the village up the road, Vasya and her brother Pyotr must evade Konstantin, their obsessed owner, while coming to terms with the ways in which he has transformed them into an altogether new race of creatures.

Read an excerpt as a pdf or online: Chapter 1Chapter 2.

Konstantin’s Gifts is now available exclusively at Amazon. It is due for wider release in mid-November, after which it will be available at the full range of distribution channels, in the full gamut of digital formats.*

Crow Girl Publishing also has plans to release a print edition of Konstantin’s Gifts, sometime in the fall of 2012. This edition will be available online, at select bookstores, and at some conferences and conventions.

*This exclusive release is part of an experiment with KDP Direct, a program introduced by Amazon, amid some controversy. For those interested, I will be blogging about the results of the experiment in the months to come.

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