Of Myth & Memory: Fictions & Labyrinths

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Excerpt from the short story The Village of the Lost“:

“-You seek the lost child?

Hana Kutari stood among the ancient trees of the coastal forest, her eyes filmed by the fine membrane of her second sight. It coated her vision, functioning like the inner eyelid of a cat—except that instead of protecting her eyes, these membranes opened a different world to her.

The spirits in this part of the world were similar to and yet different from the kami of her people. They welcomed her as a long-lost cousin from a faraway land.

She nodded. –I seek a girl. She disappeared from her home–

-She must be returned to her people. But she cannot, so long as she bears her Oropean name. She must take back what she has lost—and then, long-forgotten things will be remembered and she will be returned to her people at last.

Hana frowned. Surely it hadn’t been as long as all that since the girl had left her tribe? But then, time moved differently in the spirit world.

-Where can I find her?

-In the village of the lost ones. Tlingishin.”

Each of the stories in this compilation are inspired by myths and fictions.

Her Final Tale” tells of the last story told by Scheherazade, and the double-edged gift she receives in return.

The Village of the Lost” is about Hana Kutari, whose mixed blood allows her to straddle the mundane and spirit worlds, while preventing her from ever fully being a part of either.

Katabasis” is a narrative of rivalry, loss and sacrifice that blends motifs of Snow White with the myth of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld.

Award-winning story “The Swan Maiden“, meanwhile, tempers loss with redemption and healing.

Also included are the stories “Lucretia’s Smile“, “the River of Sigh“, and “Magda’s Ghost“.

Word Count: 35,000

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